Scopes of application

Beauty and health

Diatomaceous earth is a natural product,
resulting from sedimentation of siliceous layer of diatoms

Diatomite consist of silicon dioxide in amorphous form up to 85%. Due to the amorphous(porous) structure and a strong binding ability, diatomite powder acts as a sponge which absorbs and outputs extraneous substances.

Amorphous silica is neutral and is chemically resistant to all existing on Earth mineral and organic substances, so it is completely harmless to all living organisms. In addition, silicon manifests itself as an indispensable serious biotic (vital) element in the life body support.

Production of food supplements

Diatomaceous earth as a powerful enterosorbent


It binds and removes from
the body toxins and heavy metals

Cleanses the bowel wall of
toxins and bacteria

Promotes vascular wall that
normalizes blood pressure

It stimulates the production of
collagen and elastin, making the skin
smooth, hydrated and toned

Notes assimilation of phosphorus
which is essential for the restoration of
tissue and bone formation

Improves the pH balance,
increases a muscle flexibility
and a joint mobility

Replenishment of bone mineral,
accelerated healing in case of fracture

Prebiotic production

Diatomaceous earth as a carrier of probiotics


Pure and
natural material

Resistant to the acid environment of
the digestive system

Inert and safe for
living organisms

Production of medicines

Diatomite as a filtration agent
of amino acids and proteins


No additives

Natural material


Production of toothpaste

Diatomite as an abrasive
(acting as a bleaching element)



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Production of alginate masks

Diatomaceous earth as a filter of amino acids and proteins


Basic indispensable

Promotes the creation
of a denser and
more flexible form of mask

It promotes deep
cleansing effect