Scopes of application

Home and garden


Ecokiller is Russia's first bio-insecticides non-chemical effect against insects of professional and household use.

We have combined our knowledge and experience with the desire to create an environmentally friendly and effective product for house and garden care.

The development of Russian scientists.
Efficiency confirmed by Disinfectology university of Rospotrebnadzor



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Simplicity and ease of use

Apartment owners can
use it by themselves

There is no need to
call special services

No need to ventilate the room
during the autumn-winter season

Exterminator services
in the amount of cost more than
the cost of the tool itself


It is effective against the home,
and the garden insects and pests

No pest resistance

The possibility of spraying
means in the field of movement
and accumulation of insects

Large cultivated area

Direct contact destruction
method (the agent sticks to the pest)



Environmentally clean facility

It does not contain chemicals,
non-toxic and hypoallergenic

It does not require
any actions to protect
against poisoning

Can be used in all areas

Absolutely harmless
to the health of children,
adults, home, pets, plants

During processing
no need to leave space
for people and animals


100% natural origin

Natural formula means
does not contaminate
the ground water and the air]

Is produced in
an environmentally clean production
in Russia

Effectively combats:

Insects and their larvae

Fleas Tongs
Ants Bugs
Wood louse Diplura
Silverfish Cockroaches

Pests and their larvae

Garden of aphids Earwig Snails
Thrips Bugs Slugs
Codling moth Ants Cockroaches
Colorado potato beetle
Tongs Bugs