Scopes of application

Paint materials

Diatomite - new perspective filler consisting of a silica in an amorphous form, which significantly improves the quality of paints.

High porosity

Low density

Resistance to acids

cause its wide range of applications, and the presence of closed pores containing air causes the effect of birefringence, similarly as in the use of polymeric and glass microspheres.


As the matting agent

To reduce drying time

To make permeability
for the water vapor

To prevent cracking
of the paint

To enhance the adhesion

To enhance the action
of other additives

Diatomite is used
as a replacement for:


in acids

Low bulk density
up to 200 kg / m3

increases adhesion

Isotope distribution
of paint when applied

Superfine dispersion
to 5 microns



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Types of paints

and solvent-borne paint
(as a thickening agent and a matting agent)

Paints for interior trim
(e.g., paints for ceiling)

Production of facade paints,
primers, plasters

Special acid resistant paints
and coatings